Karen Lewis speaks truth to power: Excerpts about teacher wage theft and pension theft

Ken Previti is one of the nation’s leading education bloggers.  He is a retired teacher from both the Chicago Public Schools and suburban Lyons Township H.S. He presently resides in Florida blogging primarily for the just cause of public-education-for-all and the contractual rights of deferred compensation for active and retired teachers.  You can find his posts at: http://reclaimreform.com

Karen Lewis spoke at the City Club of Chicago today. Every word she had to say was vital and can be read in its entirety HERE on the Chicago Teachers Union page.

Here are a few lines I have selected for the attention of active teachers who are suffering wage theft via mandated pension payroll deductions (which politicians promise teachers will never fully receive) and retirees who are simply victimized and lied about. As a retired teacher myself, these words struck a nerve in me. By the way, Karen’s husband is also a retired teacher.
karen lewis pic 2
(Photo from WLS TV)
” They (the people of Chicago) are tired of being represented by people who agree with privatizing public assets; those stealing our pensions while they protect their own…Who has been held accountable for the rampant pension thefts?… 
Their private-public partnership means PRIVATE: employees will be overworked and underpaid and living in constant fear of losing their jobs; and, PUBLIC: no jobs, attacks on pensions, benefits and health care.”
For more go to: http://reclaimreform.com

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