Andrew and the Magic pill: a moral dilemma!

A blog form Education Blogger and New York Educator Peter Greene;

I, as many NYS teaching professionals, am outraged, insulted, and hurt. However rather than be as venomous as the Governor, I offer this scientific analogy…

A pill may cure 5% of a population’s ailment. It is untested and is known for severe side effects. Scientists have warned that for the other 95% it will cause paralysis, loss of vision and hearing, and in perhaps death. The authorities decide to use it anyway. The magic pill kills far more than it cures. Funeral parlors rejoice.

The governor thinks his one size fits all “pill” will “cure” the very different 728 public school districts, 4817 public schools, 2.7M public school students, and 209.5k public school teachers in the state. Does he honestly believe it will cure them whether or not they have a disease, or is this more about the vengeful death of the 106 NYSUT locals in NYS?

Governor Cuomo wants to use his magic education pill that may cure less than 5% of the problems in education in NYS, but expert after expert has told him of its horrible side effects to the other 95%. He uses it anyway. Corporate profiteers rejoice!

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